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Welcome To Higher Futures 4U - Creating A Culture Of Aspirations


Hey, I’m Sam. Iím part of this thing called Higher Futures 4U and I’m here to tell you about it, and what it means to me. I took part in its first year; Iím the original Higher Futures 4U graduate! Since then I’ve been helping out.

This website is split into bits for kids doing it, bits for their teachers and a part for families. I even let the boss write some of it!

The family area has got loads of stuff about family events that Higher Futures 4U run. My Gran came to mine; she still talks about us playing the headband game!

I’m heading to the kids area. There’s a monthly competition to win Higher Futures 4U stuff. Thereís also a message board, so if you want to talk to me or any of the staff you can.

“The workshops really got the children thinking about education and how it shapes and affects lives. When I thought that the kids couldn’t get much more from the project, we had an amazing visit”